What is becoming ‘fully compliant or cleared’ and what do I need to do?

Being fully compliant means that your documentations, employment checks etc are in order and up to date and we hold a record of them. We are only able to place you once you have met the required standard as set by the client of the government framework. The level of compliance required is determined by our clients, we take pride in adhering to the very highest standards of checking and vetting.

How long will it take to become compliant?

It all depends on how quickly you are able to return the relevant pre employment documentation to us, and we receive your references. Once we receive your references we will invite you in for an interview and as soon as the paperwork is in place you will be able to start.

Where can I work?

We supply all schools, colleges, nurseries and we provide vetted and screened home tutors.

I already have a permanent part-time role can I still work for SET Education?

Yes you can work around your paid or voluntary part-time work. You may wish to consider working for one of our other brands during the 13 week school holidays. Speak to a member of the SET team and they will let you know what's available and possible.

I am not happy with something that happened on my placement – what do I do?

We have a comprehensive complaints and concerns procedure. If you are not happy with something that happened on your shift please ring our office and we will be able to guide you through the procedure.

How safe is my information?

The company adheres to the Data Protection Act. If you would like to see a copy of the data we hold on you please contact us.

Can I just send in my CV?

You would be more than welcome to send in your CV, but you also need to complete an  application form as we need to collect information that is often not included on CVs.

What is the availability calendar?

The availability calendar is a form on the website which allows you to notify us of when you would like to work during the next three months, this means you will get the pick of the shifts that most suit you. We will send you an email remainder at the end of each month with a link to the form; once you update it we will do the rest.